Less than a month after Kim Kardashian caused quite the stir in the world of social media by posting a strategically morphed nude selfie, Justin Bieber seems to have jumped on the bandwagon too, and this time he’s keeping the picture.

The 22-year old posted a bare-butted picture of his while out on a camping trip at a secluded lake, while what seems to be just before a skinny dip. The pop singer had posted an exposed selfie in July 2015 but soon deleted it owing to modesty issues. But this time, the star certainly seemed comfortable in his skin.

While the debate is an ongoing one on whether celebrity nudes are done in good taste on social media, many have come out in unison to help promote body positivity. From baring it all, unshaved armpits and visible stretch marks, to a curvy figure, celebrities like Miley Cyrus, Amy Schumer, Chrissy Teigan and many more are coming out to fight against body dysmorphia.

The standards of beauty are changing and becoming more realistic. Boost your body confidence with these simple tricks that get you feeling better and helps to embrace yourself as the beautiful person you are:

  1. Be positive

You are a perfect version of yourself. The first step to regaining your confidence is to embrace yourself to the person you are. Your flaws make you real. So focus on your positives and you’ll be surprised to see how uniquely gifted you are. Stand before a mirror and take a good look at yourself. Somewhere between the self-inflicted focus on cellulite and untoned arms you’ll see the dazzling personality that brightens up people’s lives.

  1. Don’t compare

Benchmarking yourself against someone else is almost never a wise decision. You’re your own individual- mind, body and soul combined. Focus on your own self. If you feel there’s a need for change, it must come from your own encouragement and not based on another person’s image.

  1. One size doesn’t fit all

There’s no need to succumb to pressure of the cookie-cutter cult. If an M doesn’t fit, try an L or an XL. Wearing correct size clothing is not only comfortable, but it takes away the unnecessary pressure to squeeze yourself into disappointment.

  1. Walk tall

If you carry yourself with a sense of self-assurance, you’ll learn to accept yourself as a confident individual. Stars like Melissa McCarthy and Oprah Winfrey are both powerhouses who know their worth and don’t let community standards of beauty weigh them down.

  1. Happy thoughts

If you find yourself trailing off with self-depreciating thoughts, make a conscious effort at turning those negative feelings around and constantly remind yourself how amazing you truly are. You don’t need to be defined by anything.