Kendall Jenner- Instagram2

In the wake of Kanye’s recent pleas to a judge to wipe his criminal records clean after his infamous 2013 paparazzi attack, another member of the family may have fallen prey to a celebrity photographer. Kendall Jenner recently addressed rumours that she may have been violent with a paparazzo while leaving a LA nightclub. Apparently the snapper was encroaching her personal space and that didn’t go down too well with the supermodel. Kendall also revealed that she ensured the photographer in question deleted all pictures from his camera.

It’s not the first time a celebrity has resorted to aggressive measures against camera happy reporters. Alec Baldwin, Justin Bieber, Kim Kardashian and Nicole Kidman are some of the stars who have been victims to the notoriety of the paparazzi. While fame does come with a price, it’s sometimes unfair to the privacy of the celebrities, and understandably so.

While getting too close to comfort isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, controlling your temper in such situations could probably cause lesser damage to the people (expensive equipment at hand included). If you have anger management issues, here are some quick tips to cool down:

  1. Focus on physical sensations

Tuning into your gut feeling and your overall body responses can help lessen the emotional intensity of your anger. It’ll also help you in not getting physical or abusive with the person.

  1. Take deep breaths

Slow, paced out breaths can counteract the rising tension. Breathe deep from your abdomen and fill in your lungs with fresh air. Counting your breathing pattern helps you focus on your breaths, as opposed to the tension at hand and helps you catch up to your feelings.

  1. Exercise

A 20-30 minute brisk walk a day is not only good for a healthy body, but the endorphins released enables your mind to be calm, filling it with happier and constructive thoughts.

  1. Massage the area of tension

Focus on the area of tension and massage or exercise them to relieve stress. For instance, if your shoulders feel tight, roll them or gently massage them to get rid of the stiffness. Better yet, book yourself a well deserved TLC spa package.

  1. Go to your happy place

Distract your tensed state of mind by thinking of your favourite song or picturing yourself in your favourite place.