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Skin around the intimate area has the least number of protective layers, even lesser than your eyelids, so extra care needs to be taken when protecting the area against inflammation. Napkin dermatitis is common among menstruating females; seven out of 10 women experience irritation during their period. Skin around the intimate area is inflamed, sore or itchy, and is associated with wearing napkins during periods.

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What causes napkin dermatitis?
During your period, relative humidity is high due to the blood and perspiration in the delicate area, making it more sensitive and susceptible to inflammation. Friction caused by the napkin rubbing against the skin in the delicate area also agitates it, causing itch, swelling and soreness. Napkin dermatitis can happen to everyone; not just those with sensitive skin.

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The number of protective layers your skin has varies at the different areas on your body – your intimate area has one of the least.

How do you prevent napkin dermatitis?
While changing sanitary napkins often can deter napkin dermatitis, it’s also important to choose the right kind of napkin. Laurier Ultra Gentle is the first sanitary napkin in Singapore to be dermatologically tested, and is designed to minimise skin discomfort during period days. Its high absorbency Quick Lock System soaks up fluid quickly, reducing wetness on the napkin’s surface, keeping you dry with no sticky feeling. The extra-breathable cotton top sheet relieves stuffiness, giving you maximum comfort while the unique wavy design on the napkin’s surface ensures minimum contact with the skin to reduce friction and irritation to the skin. Developed in accordance with the Japan Advance Skin Science Technology, Laurier Ultra Gentle is also made in Japan so you can expect premium quality napkins that care for your delicate skin.

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Why choose Laurier Ultra Gentle?

  • Dermatologically tested and clinically proven to relieve skin irritations.
  • Airy soft wavy top sheet that has little contact with the skin, keeping friction to a minimum.
  • High absorbency reduces menstrual blood on napkin’s surface.
  • Made in Japan.

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Brought to you by Laurier Ultra Gentle.
As featured in the June 2016 issue of The Singapore Women’s Weekly.