Whether it’s due to age, our body clock or the daily rigours of juggling work and family commitment, every woman experiences some form of body pain in varying degrees in her life. Find out here what are the top 10 most common pains, what are the possible causes and how to ease them.

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When pain hits, the first thing you want is relief, whether for a good night’s sleep through the night or to last you through the day if you are on the go.

Nurofen Express is the latest pain relief that is designed to work fast and effectively. It contains the anti-inflammatory painkiller ibuprofen – the World Health Organisation (WHO) lists ibuprofen as one of the most important medicines needed in a basic health system – to treat mild to moderate pains of the types described here in just 10 minutes. Nurofen Express does not need to be prescribed and can be purchased over the counter, and is easily available at leading pharmacies.

Keep a pack with you at all times, so you can get instant relief when pain hits you.

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*If pain persists, you should visit your GP or a doctor at once, as this could signal symptoms of more serious ailments or diseases.

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