The word ‘poop’ always incurs a snigger or two. While it’s not exactly luncheon fodder, it’s still important to educate yourself about bowel movement. Colour, size, texture and even frequency, are all acceptable topics for poop prognosis. Your bathroom behaviour can be an important indication to your overall health as it can reveal symptoms of infection, digestive ailments and even signs of cancer.

What’s more, it’s not only healthy to decipher your bodily waste, but apparently having a conversation on the topic with your better half brings you two a lot closer.

But how to decode the messages contained in your excrement? To clear all that up, here’s an infographic from that explains the various signals your feces and urine send you.


If you’d like a more detailed account of understanding your poop, click here for a WebMD article that could help you get through your daily scatological activities better.