Why You Shouldn't Go To Sephora This Weekend

In case you’ve been living under a rock, the highly-anticipated Sephora is going on from 4 to 8 May. Everything (really, everything!) is 20 per cent off, which means that the expensive creams and eye shadow palettes are finally within your budget, but don’t just head down to the nearest Sephora just yet. Here are four reasons why you should just shop online at sephora.sg instead.

#1 The queue is insane

If you were around the Sephora ION store yesterday, you might’ve noticed that the line for cashier was snaking out the entrance and past the Burberry store. We estimate an upwards of 30 minutes in line to make your payment, and honestly, who has time for that? Just put your items in the online shopping cart, check out and wait for it to be delivered to you instead.

#2 No guarantee of stock at stores

If you’ve been saving up for a particular item, we can only imagine the disappointment when you find that it’s out of stock at the store you’re shopping at. Check if it’s stocked online, and you can just add that to your cart without having to scour multiple stores. Plus, you don’t have to fight anyone for the last piece in stock!

#3 Shopping online is just way more convenient

No more fussing over multiple shopping bags, or getting annoyed while being shoved around by other shoppers. Shopping online means you can do it in the comfort of your own home, and at your own time (midnight shopping spree!). Plus, you don’t have to carry heavy bags of skincare and cosmetics home, just have them delivered to your home.

#4 You only enjoy discounts if you’re a Sephora Black Card holder

The 20 per cent discount is only applicable to Sephora Black card holders which means you need to spend above $250 in order to be upgraded from a Sephora White to a Black. Instead, you can gather a party with friends who are Sephora Black card holders and hold an online shopping spree. Plus points for having sensible friends who can advise you on making good beauty purchases.

#5 There are online exclusive brands

There are so many great brands and beauty products that are only available on Sephora’s online store. Products from Erno Lazslo, Sachajuan, Sleek MakeUP, Zoeva, and Klarity  are just some of the examples.