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Ever since word got out about China’s recent beauty craze, where women (celebrities included) showed off their small waists equivalent to the size of a sheet of A4 paper, other women around the world came forward on their social media accounts to rebut this seemingly absurd body challenge.

Bearum, a Korean jewellery label came up with an inspiring body confidence quote.

Photo credit: @be.arum

And there were some who were witty in opposing the trend…

Photo credit: @juliaksherman

There were also a handful who injected a tasteful sense of humour.


Photo credit: @michtotheelle_

There were also those who were rather furious.


Photo credit: @samansell4

Lastly, there were others who left healthy, body-loving messages.

Photo credit: @chariswhispers

There are ways to gain body confidence, besides trying to measure your waist with a piece of paper. One way is through regular exercise, which also keeps your health in check and helps you attain your desired frame. For tips on how to achieve a toned tummy, check out our related story on some exercises you can do.

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That said, it’s also always important to embrace your size and shape. Turn to our March print issue, to see how we styled Jenah Marican, a plus-sized model who loves her curves.

jenah marican
Jenah Marican in the March 2016 issue of The Singapore Women’s Weekly