40+ Best Sunscreens For Singapore’s Weather

40 Best Sunscreens For Singapore's Weather

If beauty writers and editors could have it their way, teaching kids how to apply sunscreen in school should be as important as teaching them how to brush their teeth.

Unlike makeup and some skincare products which offer immediate visible results, sunscreens are like insurance you wear on your skin to protect from ultraviolet damage, which might only yield results five, 10 or 15 years down the road, but you will be glad that you put on sunscreen when your skin appears much younger than peers who do not put on sunscreen. Skin cancer is also a very real problem, and wearing sunscreen can help prevent that – making this as much of a health issue as it is a cosmetic one.

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However, given Singapore’s hot and humid weather, some sunscreens aren’t the most comfortable to wear. Reputed for being thick, goopy and sticky, it’s not hard to wonder why some people skip it altogether. Thus our quest for the perfect sunscreen is never ending, and here are some sunscreens that are among the best – offering protection, feels great on skin and works well under makeup.

Text: Arissa Ha / Additional reporting: Adriel Chiun and Joyce Cheo