10 Clever Beauty Hacks To Save Money

Did you know that a typical woman spends about $33,000 on beauty in her lifetime? That’s quite a bit of money. Here are clever beauty hacks to help you save money — starting now.

According to a UK survey, that’s the amount of money an average woman spends on skincare, makeup and her hair in her life. We may be happy to pump our paychecks into the best and latest products, but we probably haven’t realised or guessed that the average is sufficient to pay for a child’s tertiary education.

Makeup, skincare products, sunscreen, cotton pads, facial gadgets… the costs to upkeep your beauty regime can all add up. We know there are essentials you won’t want to sacrifice, but there are clever ways and hacks that you could adopt to save you money in some areas — thank us later!

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Here are 10 little tips and tricks that you can incorporate in your every day to cut down on your spending and save you money — yet keep you looking good.