K-Pop Star CL Reveals Secrets We Never Knew About Her

Editor-in-Chief Barbara Koh flies to Seoul for an exclusive interview with K-pop superstar and Urban Decay Global Citizen CL


The Singapore Women's Weekly's Editor-in-Chief Barbara Koh and K-Pop Star CL_Lee Chae-Rin

Editor-in-Chief Barbara Koh with K-Pop Star and Urban Decay Global Citizen CL.

She’s a huge K-pop star, one of the OGs – an original. If you’re still in the dark, Lee Chae-Rin, better known as CL, was the leader of K-pop girl group 2NE1, considered one of the biggest girl groups of their time. With the likes of Big Bang, Super Junior and 2PM, 2NE1 was part of what the music industry calls the “second generation of K-pop stars”, the ones responsible for bringing K-pop to the world stage.

But amidst the “same-ness” of the groups and how the members portrayed themselves, K-pop Star CL had always stood out. Even as she started off as an 18-year-old with the YG-managed 2NE1, CL possessed way more swagger, more attitude – embodying a self-reliant, independent, badass attitude that was way ahead of her time.

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Being a triple threat – singer, rapper and dancer – made her triply bold, and CL admits she’s been unique from the start. The “I Am The Best” singer is unabashed about who she is. When I met her fin Seoul for Urban Decay’s #PrettyDifferent campaign launch, I could feel the room reverberate with her energy and effervescence. She emphatically says, “I was really loud, bright and super happy – very nonchalant… and also a super tomboy.”

Urban Decay Global Citizens

It’s no wonder then that when beauty brand Urban Decay decided to shake things up, it turned to a group of celebrities, including CL, to become its #PrettyDifferent Global Citizens. Urban Decay Founding Partner Wendy Zomnir says the launch of this new “Pretty Different” manifesto “is our anthem for fellow makeup junkies who don’t want to subscribe to beauty standards”. She adds, “It’s our tribute to individuality because everyone is pretty different.”

Joining CL in this collective of trailblazers who champion uniqueness are actor Ezra Miller, who was also in Seoul for the launch party at SJ Kunsthalle in Gangnam, singer Lizzo, actress Joey King and Colombian singer Karol G.

Urban Decay Pretty Different Launch Seoul 2019_K-Pop Star CL or Lee Chae-Rin And Actor Ezra Miller.

Handpicked because they take pride in being #PrettyDifferent, UD Global Citizens CL and Ezra Miller graced the launch of the #PrettyDifferent campaign in Seoul. CL wore a striking black suit, while Ezra defied norms in a Coach outfit.

UD #PrettyDifferent GLobal Citizens Ezra Miller, Joey King, Lizzo and Karol G.

Along with CL, UD #PrettyDifferent Global Citizens include Ezra Miller, Joey King, Lizzo and Karol G.

So, when you get to meet a megastar, you want to ask her as many questions as you can. Here’s what we got out of her in 10 minutes!

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