10 Ways Karl Lagerfeld Changed The World Of Fashion Forever

At the age of 85 years old, Karl Lagerfeld passed away in his Paris home, leaving the fashion world and his international gaggle of loyal fans in shock. And while the official cause of death is not yet known, Karl was most noticeably absent at his SS’19 Haute Couture fashion show, citing fatigue as his reason of absence.

10 Ways Karl Lagerfeld Changed The World Of Fashion Forever

While the King of fashion has died, his effects on how we dress still lingers. Open up your closet, and you’ll easily find traces of his influence hanging on your rack. Whether you own a cropped black jacket, a tweed skirt or an LBD, these are all the rippling results that stem from Karl’s work.

From his indelible impact in the world of fashion to his role in pop culture and shaping Hollywood, we look back at the ways Karl Lagerfeld changed the world of fashion, and quite possibly, left a mark on the way you dress today.

Images: Showbit, Pinterest, H&M.

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