12 Dresses That Magically Hide Your CNY-Feasted Belly, Under $90

CNY is the perfect time to over-snack and indulge in a good feast, so don’t feel bad when you leave the table with a little food-pouch. With all the tarts and bak kwa laid out in front of you, we totally understand if you couldn’t resist a second helping. Post-feasting food babies are a sign that you’ve been fed well, but you don’t have to feel guilty just because you’ve got a little tummy now. (After all, here at The Weekly, we’re also experiencing the same problem!) Therefore, we’ve found several dresses that are the ultimate style-savers. They’re perfect for hiding your bumps, and will keep us looking classy no matter how much you’ve eaten. 

Additional reporting: Remiko Onda. This post first appeared on 19 February 2018.

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