13 Ideas On How You Can Dress Casual And Party-Ready At The Same Time

Merry Christmas! All the gifts are sitting under the Christmas tree, each one wrapped perfectly with a pretty bow. The turkey is baking, the children are excited to see what they’re getting this year, and the fairy lights are twinkling. Now that you’ve spent time to perfect Christmas for your family and friends, it’s time to start thinking for yourself — specifically what you’re going to wear for the party tonight. While everyone wants to shimmy in a tight little party dress, sometimes it’s much more practical to dress casual.

And yet, if someone is inviting you to their house, you don’t want to show up looking under-dressed or sloppy. So instead of your usual tee-and-denim shorts combo, turn it up a notch without sacrificing comfort. Here are 13 ideas on how you can accomplish that.

Images: Showbit

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