5 Easy Power Looks You Can Take From Work To A Party

Dressing for a party definitely takes less planning, because you certainly have more fun when you try different looks. But when you have to go from a meeting with your investors to girls’ night out, that can become a bit tricky. Fortunately, thanks to laxer dressing rules in most offices, you can get away with a look that’s not the usual 9-to-5 grey wool suit. (Just make sure you don’t show up in a micro mini okay? That’s still largely frowned upon by most HR managers).

So before you resign yourself to a boring combo of tailored shirt and sensible slacks, you should know that it is possible to look sexy for your party and yet remain work-appropriate. Here are some tips for you on what you can wear the next time you need a look that’s bold for the office and on the dancefloor.

Image: Shutterstock

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