5 Natural And Hydrating Facial Toners To Get

Ladies on the go will be familiar with that out-of-it feeling by 4pm where makeup has run and nothing feels fresh anymore. Touch ups are great, but why not boost that freshened up sensation with a good spritz of floral water?

Also known as hydrosols, floral water is actually the distillate of essential oil production saved for cosmetic purposes. These lightly scented potions are a great way to rebalance, rejuvenate and restore the well-being with its spa-like fragrance and numerous benefits. They’re great to spritz on as a facial toner, a makeup setter, an afternoon pick-me-up, a hair mist, and the list goes on. We pick five of our favourite floral waters that we never leave home without.

Here’s a tip: On “pamper me” evenings, refrigerate your floral water of choice. Go about your usual cleanse, exfoliate, and mask routine. Give your cleansed post-mask face a generous hydrosol spritz when it’s adequately chilled, and seal in all that goodness with your favourite antioxidant moisturizer thereafter. Who needs moisture-stripping alcohol-laden toners when you’ve got something natural to rebalance your skin with? Trust me, that lit-from-within Liv Tyler radiance will be yours in no time!