5 Ways To Smooth, Even-Toned Skin

As skin matures and with exposure to harsh environmental factors, pigmentation or dark spots may appear. Use these clever tips to get a smoother, even-toned, more youthful-looking complexion

2. Skincare Must-Dos

El Nino_SunscreenYou’ve heard about the importance of sunblock but did you know, besides preventing you from getting sun burnt, sunblock can also slow down the signs of ageing.

When it comes to the brown spots that appear on our skin, the sun’s strong UV rays are mainly to blame. As we age, the melanin in our skin (melanin helps protect our skin from sun exposure) reduces its ability to protect your skin from harmful UV rays. Hence, sunblock offers a layer of protection for your skin.

Exfoliation can also help slough off dead skin cells that build up on your face, causing unsightly uneven, patchy skin tone.