5 Ways To Smooth, Even-Toned Skin

As skin matures and with exposure to harsh environmental factors, pigmentation or dark spots may appear. Use these clever tips to get a smoother, even-toned, more youthful-looking complexion

5. Laser Treatment

5 Ways To Effectively Prevent Skin Pigmentation

An increasingly common method of treating skin pigmentation is with the use of lasers. These treatments use a coherent beam of light to target melanin that’s abnormally concentrated on a particular part of your face. Laser treatment helps to disperse the concentration of melanin cells to lighten skin tone and reduce the size of enlarged pores on your face.

In Singapore, the ClearSK Aesthetic Group offers laser treatments using both laser and light technology to safely and effectively lighten pigmentation and reduce other skin irregularities. For $68 (consisting of two treatments), you’ll get clearer and more radiant-looking skin.