Actress Constance Lau Shows You Three Ways To Wear Prints Everywhere

Wearing prints are fun, but they often take a bit of guts to accomplish. You have to be comfortable with having something that grabs attention everywhere you go, and you need to understand how to match a printed item with the rest of your wardrobe.

To help you out with navigating the world of printed clothes, we’ve enlisted the help of Constance Lau to give you fast and easy tips, and we also catch up with the actress.

Actress Constance Lau Shows You Three Ways To Wear Prints For Work

Unlike her on-screen character Radio Asia One in last year’s blockbuster Crazy Rich Asians, Constance instantly lights up the room with her infectiously bubbly personality.

The actress reveals to us the big projects that she has lined up for the rest of the year: “I’ve just wrapped up 128 Circle and I’m working on The Last Madame”, she tells us excitedly. “128 Circle delves into the lives of the hawkers and how they change with the impending closure, while the The Last Madame is set in the ’30s.”

On the fashion frontier, Constance is no shrinking violet either. Outshining many of her co-stars at the Crazy Rich Asians premiere in Los Angeles last year – most of whom are already red carpet pros – Constance’s head-turning scarlet gown from homegrown brand Time Taken To Make A Dress has cemented her status as one of Singapore’s pluckiest style star.

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Describe your style for us.
“My personal style very much depends on my mood that particular day. I generally wear a lot classics, but with a twist. I think this is very much a representation of who I am, not over-the-top, but still slightly playful. An example would be a tweed jacket with a printed T-shirt and a pair of jeans. I’m not very adventurous but I don’t want to be too safe at the same time!”

What’s an item in your closet you cannot live without?
“Jackets! I’m a huge fan of jackets and blazers, I probably have at least 40 pieces in my closet!”

In your opinion, what are some must-have pieces?
“A pair of jeans, black pumps and a button up shirt.”

What does being happy mean to you?
“Happiness is being kind to others and yourself, and being in charge of your life.”


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