Spice Up Your Office Outfits With These Affordably Chic Local Jewellery Brands

What do you usually think of when local jewellery is mentioned? It would most likely be veteran names like Carrie K. and Choo Yilin. But as with the influx of more people embarking on growing their own brands, more young, up-and-coming local jewellery labels worth knowing are appearing on our radar. If you’re in the market for fashion jewellery – and not necessarily ultra-precious pieces (though these are beautiful and precious in their own right) – these brands are bound to have something for you.

Best of all? They all create affordable little designs that you can wear with you to the office. Balancing subtlety with a little panache, these bijoux additions will help set your work outfit apart from the rest of the women in the CBD.

Text: Arel Koh/Female & Aaron Kok

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