Spa Awards 2017: Best Hair Removal Treatments, And Pampering For Your Hands, Feet And Nails

Pamper your hands, feet and nails with these luxurious treatments. Plus, don't forget to keep the bush in check with these hair removal and grooming treatments.

Foot Reflexology - Kenko

Foot Reflexology
Foot Reflexology, $89 for 60 mins.
Kenko Wellness, Tel: 6887 0303

By focusing on the acupressure points in the foot, the therapists are able to release tension and promote energy flow, which in term improves organ function and circulation.

All-In-One Foot Treatment
Sole Renewal Treatment, $299.60 for 45 mins.
Nail Palace, Tel: 6397 5901

With both an exfoliation and massage, this treatment aims at removing dead skin and releasing the knots in the foot to ensure your feet are in the best position to take you places.