Spa Awards 2017: Best Targeted Treatments For Your Eyes, Brows And Lips

We zoom in on the best treatments for the eyes, brows and lips to help you look more refreshed

SWW Spa Awards 2017 - Browhaus Brow Resurrection

Brow Grooming
Thread and Tweeze, $24 for 45 mins
Browhaus, Tel: 6732 0070

For the time-strapped working woman, this 2-in-1 treatment combines two effective techniques, threading and tweezing to give you the defined eyebrows over a shorter period of time.

Brow Embroidery- Classic
Brow Resurrection Classic, $1,200 for 90 mins
Browhaus, Tel: 6732 0070

Give your brows the extra definition, filling out sparse or over-plucked brows, but keeping it as natural as before. Now you can wake up to brows that are perfect. 

Brow Embroidery- Natural
6HD Eyebrow Embroidery Treatment, $1288 for 120 mins
Paramedics Aesthetics, Tel: 9499 9966

This exclusive treatment introduces natural oxide pigments in a shade that is customised to your skin and hair tone to not only achieve your desired shape but also to look natural beyond doubt.

Brow Embroidery- Korean
ABS 6V Korean Virtual Brow Embroidery, for $1,680 for 60 to 90 mins
Avone Beauty Secrets, Tel: 6250 0758

Achieve true-to-life eyebrows that naturally enhance your face shape with this new technique uses increased precision that creates softer and finer brow strokes to give the redefinition that you want.

Semi-Permanent Eyeliner
Big Eye Eye Define (Upper Eyeline), $856 for 75 mins
Browhaus, Tel: 6732 0070

Lasting up to three years, this eye defining treatment by adding a line along along your lash line and between your lashes. Done in a shape that suits your face, your eyes will look more awake, brightening up your whole complexion.