Spa Awards 2017: The Best Facials For Every Skin Concern

Pamper and recharge your skin with the best in facial treatments

Smoothing Facial
Nano Perfector, $280 for 90 mins
Caring Skin, Tel: 6737 7797

Staying true to its name, this treatment boosts your parched skin with deeply hydrating ingredients such as different forms of vitamins, that improves the skin texture.

Spot-Busting Facial
Pure Pulse Laser (PPP Style) with Deep Anti Pore Acne Programme, $388 for 80 mins
SkinPerfect, Tel: 6252 0188

This treatment combines the use of the DPL treatment to target acne and the Pure Pulse Laser to smooth out scars on your face to give an overall smoother appearance.

Blemish-Free Facial
Vitamin Anti-Inflammation Therapy, $250 for 60 mins
Healthsprings Laser and Aesthetics Clinic, Tel: 68368386

Get a customised vitamin concoction that is specifically created to suit the needs of your skin at this facial, which aims to reduce the appearance of pigmentation, scars and even wrinkles to give your skin a smooth complexion.

Pore-Refining Facial
Quintessential Facial, $374.50 for 120 mins.
Porcelain Face Spa, Tel: 6227 9692

Rejuvenate your skin with this treatment that starts with an extraction that cleans out your pores and finishes off with a specially concocted serum and watch your makeup glide on without a hitch.

Anti- Ageing Facial
AGE Smart ™ Professional Treatment, $288 for 120 mins
Orchidee, Tel: 6242 0313

This treatment starts off with several masks to prep your skin before using electrophoresis to intensify the penetration of products, giving you a relaxed yet glowing complexion.