Spa Awards 2017: The Best Facials For Every Skin Concern

Pamper and recharge your skin with the best in facial treatments

Oil-Control Facial
IDS Advanced Acne Treatment Plus, $250 for 45 mins
IDS Clinic, Tel: 6568 3555

Oily skin can benefit from this clarifying facial to rid pores of impurities, unblock closed comedones and eradicate pimple-causing bacteria.

Line-Reducing Facial
KKUM Prestige Wrinkle-Lift Facial Treatment, $588 for 45 to 60 mins
Dream Aesthetic & Plastic Surgery, Tel: 6871 8888

This improved facial taps on a new Korean facial chemical peel that smooths out wrinkles and finishes it off with a massage stimulate a more youthful-looking complexion.

Firming Facial
Concentrated Ginseng Renewing Treatment, $260 for 80 mins
Sulwhasoo Beauty Lounge, Tel: 66901653

This five-step facial gives you the complete pampering session from a ginseng foot bath to a serum treatment, rejuvenating the skin to bring out the vitality within.

Slimming Facial
DrShape V Face Shaper, $196 for 30 mins
ClearSK, Tel: 6100 6868

Target the fat deposits responsible for sagging chin and cheeks with this treatment that employs the use of hot and cold ultrasound waves to destroy the fat cells that cause sagging to give your face a sharper and lifted shape.

Lifting Facial
Super Lifting Face Treatment, $350 for 85 mins
AsterSpring, Tel: 65011330

If you are looking to firm sagging skin, this treatment is just for you. Not only does it tone skin muscles, pores are also tightened and refined, giving you a smoother complexion.

Tightening Facial
Atlas Korean Skin Trio Lifting Program, $899 for 75 mins
Atlas Medical Laser & Aesthetic Clinic, Tel: 6556 0829

If you are looking to lift and tighten your skin, this treatment does just that with state-of-the-art laser, followed by infusing peptide-rich oxygen into the skin for anti-ageing effects.        `