Spa Awards 2017: The Best Facials For Every Skin Concern

Pamper and recharge your skin with the best in facial treatments

Facial- Light Therapy(LED)
Jet Cell Restore, $180 for 45 mins
Jet Concepts, Tel: 6733 7055

Combining the effects of three different lights, red, blue and infra-red to power skin cells and stimulate collagen production, this light therapy treatment activates skin cells to bring out their full skin-saving benefits.

Organic Facial
Paid Skin Confidence Restore and Rejuvenate Facial , $180 for 90 mins
Pure Tincture Organic Beauty, Tel: 6222 0267

If you have been battling eczema, acne or hypersensitive skin without reaching a solution, this facial is the one for you. With organic content that contains natural anti-inflammatories and skin-healing ingredients, this is sure to soothe and calm your skin.

Power Lunch Facial
Facial in a Flash +, $65 for 30 mins
Skin Inc, Tel: 6536 6789
This three-step treatment recharges your skin with the Optimizer Voyage Tri-Light Treatment and throws in a shoulder massage all within the duration of your lunch break to get your glow back on.

Pre-Party Facial
Go Glow Facial, $294.25 for 60 mins
The Sloane Clinic, Tel: 6509 8108

Polish off dead skin cells with this intensive facial that is designed to resurface skin quickly yet gently. The combination of carefully selected masks ensure that your skin can breathe with confidence once again.

Red Carpet Facial
EstheClinic Glow to Go IPL Face Treatment, $165 for 15 to 20 mins
EstheClinic Singapore, Tel: 6254 9913

Go beyond the surface of your skin and treat through the dermis layer to fight the effects of pollution and stress on your skin with  this quick and painless treatment, that will leave you feeling rejuvenated.