Spa Awards 2019: Target Tummy Fat and Other Problem Areas Easily With These Body Treatments

While exercise is great for losing overall fat and improving health, pockets of stubborn fats can be hard to target. That's where these body treatments come in

Body Contouring – Thighs
Dorra Slimming: Intense Fat Burning Slimming Treatment, $300 for 40 minutes
Starting off with a consultation to customise a treatment programme suitable for you, this treatment also uses a combination of infrared technology and active ingredients to help target unwanted fats around the thighs.

Body Exfoliator
Spa by JW: Body Polish, $117.70 for 25 minutes
A relaxing exfoliation that uses richly nourishing products to slough away impurities and physical stressors, skin is left looking radiant, supple and smooth.

Body Sculpting
Body Wrap: Dorra Slimming: Intense Fat Burning Slimming Treatment, $368 for 40 minutes
This French-formulated slimming treatment combines infrared technology with highly-concentrated ampoules to target and define problem areas. It also uses an in-depth body composition analysis to customise a treatment programme according to individual needs.

Body-Firming Treatment
Strip: Thermal Shape – Booty Lift, $400 for 60 minutes
To help shape the booty of your dreams, this non-invasive treatment uses a unique four-in-one system that includes low-level ultrasonic waves and radio frequency to break down stubborn pockets of fat, and promoting collagen production. Apart from a shapelier silhouette, appearance of cellulite is reduced.

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