This Home-Grown Beauty Brand Works With A*STAR To Stay Ahead Of The Game


Estetica 20th Anniversary A-Lister - Featured

Technology is revolutionising the beauty industry, and no one understands it better than homegrown label Estetica. Having been around the industry for over 35 years, Estetica is a now a familiar name to most. What started in 1980 as a single retail business in the heartlands selling beauty products and treatments, has now grown to become one of Asia’s leading beauty institutes with an international presence – and its secret to success? The key lies in reinvention.

“Our past 37 years of establishment and experience would count for very little if we were unable to build on that to present to our customers a glimpse of the future”, says Lim Ker Han, Director of Estetica. It is the spirit of reinvention that propelled this brand to become a forerunner in the competitive skincare industry. Recognising that our beauty routines are becoming more intertwined with innovation, Estetica fuses the best of technology with their vast experience in skincare to produce their own award-winning brand, ést.lab.

Estetica ést.lab product range 20th anniversary A-listers

As the first local beauty retailer to work with A*STAR – Singapore’s leading research agency – Estetica is definitely leading the pack when it comes to melding beauty with science and technology. While skincare may feel like a lottery involving creams and lotions that may or may not work, Estetica aims to change the way we think about our beauty regimes with products that deliver consistent, proven results through scientific research.

A cornerstone of Estetica’s collaboration with A*STAR is the SkAI™ matrix.  Short for Skin Analytics and Ingredients, this matrix taps into the vast materials database created by the Institute of Materials Research and Engineering (IMRE) to help Estetica refine their formulations even further. With a comprehensive list of active ingredients from the world’s leading manufacturers, this has allowed Estetica to usher in a new era of highly effective, customised formulations tailored to suit a global customer’s needs, today. This golden age of beauty and technology is just beginning: the partnership between Estetica and IMRE is set towards even more growth with the launch of an upcoming Joint Laboratory, to take a further step into developing materials for skincare products.

This scientific approach to beauty is not just limited to their treatment and products: like something out of a science fiction movie, the custom treatment beds in Estetica’s salons are fully kitted out with NASA-grade memory foam and hydraulic engines to help you relax completely during treatments. Step into any of the brand’s 7 outlets and you will notice a similar blend of aesthetics and functionality in every detail: from lighting to furnishings, Estetica has teamed up with one of Singapore’s leading design firms to bring you a sensory experience that exemplifies the brand’s focus on technology and beauty.

Reap the benefits of the best science can give with the following product and treatment that will leave your skin looking and feeling its best.