10 Non-Boring Minimalist Dresses Under $100 You Can Wear Everywhere

10 Non-Boring Minimalist Dresses Under $100 You Can Wear Everywhere

We can safely bet that if you went to the CBD this afternoon and threw a pebble, you’d hit at least five women wearing a minimalist office dress. Yes, the safest and most popular choice of dress for most local women is usually one that is devoid of overly-fancy details or fabrics.

Instead, minimalist dresses offer a fuss-free, classic and failproof way of dressing for the workplace. You put one on, add one or two accessories and you can come to the office fully confident that you fit into the dress code. Plus, these types of dresses also carry you on into the evening, for whatever dinner plans you might have.

Still, you want to stand out a bit from the crowd, and that’s why we’ve compiled an edit of minimalist dresses that have subtle details to help set it apart from the rest. Whether it’s a strategically-placed ruffle or an asymmetric ruching design, here’s some of our fave non-boring, chic minimalist frocks.

Image: TPG News

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