3 Common Skincare Mistakes Ruining Your Complexion, According To An Aesthetic Doctor

An aesthetic doctor reveals that things that you should stop doing these things to your skin if you want to maintain a healthy, glowing complexion.

It gets frustrating when you’re religious about your skincare, load up on serums that’s supposed to benefit your skin, and yet you still don’t have the complexion you desire. We know it’s a downer but unfortunately, even with a wealth of knowledge, skin and skincare can be a very complex thing. Which is why you need a doctor to help you figure it all out.

Dr Rachel Ho, an aesthetic doctor at La Clinic in Paragon Medical Centre is in her profession because, according to her, “the idea of having healthy skin and skin that you can be proud of is something that I’ve always believed in and this field allows me to help my patients achieve this goal.” Here are three things Dr Rachel Ho reckons you should stop doing to achieve your healthiest skin yet:


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