With These Easy Laundry Hacks, You’ll Never Need A Dry Cleaner Again.

Dry cleaning is often a luxury that not many can afford on a regular basis. We know that little sense of slight deflation you feel when you finally find the perfect wool jacket or silk skirt, and the care label reads “Dry Clean Only”.

But when you want to really care for your delicate clothes, sometimes the only way forward is to head to the nearby cleaning store. On top of that, most dry cleaners also use chemicals that are toxic to the environment, so that’s another reason to try cleaning it at home with environmentally-friendly products.

Fortunately, we’ve found a couple of hacks that you can try out at home to save you that journey (and those extra bucks) to the cleaners’. From machine washing to hand washing, this is the smart woman’s guide to cracking the dry cleaning code and DIY-ing it at home.

Image: Stocksnap.io

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