Everything You Missed At Our Latest Edition of Tour de Beauty

With Tour de Beauty, we make learning about new beauty products a fun and interactive experience and this edition is no different with KANEBO and IDS Skincare.

We kicked off the event at the KANEBO counter located in Takashimaya Department Store with a short speech by Beauty Editor Arissa Ha, who introduced the brand briefly. KANEBO started off as a silk spinning company in 1887 but pivoted to beauty products when they started incorporating silk into soaps in 1937. Their penchant for innovation has continued till today as evident in their new Illuminating Serum, which the guests at Tour de Beauty were able to experience and take home a bottle to try out. Regional Trainer of KANEBO, Jamie Chan, shared more about the active ingredients within the Illuminating Serum, and also performed a short makeup demonstration.

Participants were also able to test out the Liquid Rouge, a liquid lipstick range which is hydrating and available in shades that are super flattering for Asian skin tones. The best part is, they just have to snap a photo and post it on Instagram to bring home their favourite shade.


The next stop of Tour de Beauty took is to IDS Skincare located at Robinsons The Heeren. This homegrown skincare brand was developed by Dr SK Tan of IDS Clinic. Its initials IDS stands for “Innovative Dermatological Solutions” and true to its name, develops products to target skin specific skin problems.

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AVP of Marketing Communications Cynthia Chew shared more about the brand and also educated our guests on blue light protection and UV protection. Using the Dermashield Serum as well as the Non-Tinted Sunscreen, Cynthia demonstrated application techniques so that skin has best defense against ultraviolet and blue light, which causes premature skin ageing.

And no event is ever complete without sweet treats! Guests were able to enjoy amazing dessert creations by Sugar Thieves, while hanging out the the spacious lounge at IDS Skincare.

At the end of the event, participants walked away with over $400 worth of beauty products.

Flip through the gallery below to find out everything that went down during Tour de Beauty, and if you have FOMO (fear of missing out) looking through the pictures, enter your email at this link to get the latest news and receive exclusive invites.