3 Fashion Designers Who Are Doing Singapore Proud Overseas

More than an extragavanza featuring well-known international designers and labels, the annual Singapore Fashion Week is also a platform to showcase and support young, emerging and up-and-coming designers, particularly Asians and Singaporeans. One initiative which is borne out of this is the Fashion Futures programme, a partnership between Singapore Fashion Week and the Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA) to give support and provide exposure to local designers with potential.

Danelle Woo, Elyn Wong and Max Tan

The designers of Fashion Futures 2.0 (from left): Danelle Woo, Elyn Wong and Max Tan in New York.

This year, three designers were chosen for Fashion Futures 2.0: Danelle Woo of Aijek, Elyn Wong of Stolen and Max Tan of MAX.TAN. The three designers attended the CFDA Induction Programme held in New York and met many industry experts from PR agencies, American brands and multi-label retailers (click through the gallery below).

With this, we hope that all three designers will go further in their creative endeavours and succeed on international stages in the future!

All three designers are showing their latest collection at the Singapore Fashion Week this year. Visit singaporefashionweek.com.sg for more information.

Text: Sean Tan

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