How To Get Gorgeous Glossy Hair Like Duchesses Kate & Meghan Without Spending A Fortune

More than being fashion icons, Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle are also establishing themselves as beauty icons, thanks to their beautiful locks.

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And while not everyone gets access to a glam squad like the royals, there are some little tweaks in your everyday routine that you can do for healthier, shinier hair: 

  • Avoid rubbing your hair in rapid motions when towel-drying your tresses in the shower as vigorous rubbing can lift hair cuticles and cause tangles. Instead, squeeze out excess water in a pressing motion. This keeps hair cuticles flat and smooth along the lengths of the hair so it becomes less prone to tangling and looks shinier.
  • Rinse your locks with a jet of cold water. The low temperature helps hair cuticles to lie flat so hair feels smoother and looks shinier.
  • Use UV protection on your hair and scalp. Just like your skin, which can become dull when free radicals wreak havoc on skin cells, UV exposure can also affect the vibrancy of your locks from free radical damage. Over time, lustrous locks can become dull and lifeless if free radical damage is left to accumulate.

If all else fails, you can always rely on shine sprays. Here are the best shine-infusing products to use for healthy, glossy royal-worthy hair: