Your Ultimate Guide To The Best Shopping Places In Tokyo

Here's Your Ultimate Guide To The Best Shopping Places In Tokyo

Tokyo can be overwhelming as a city if you don’t know where to start. Even for seasoned shoppers like us at The Weekly, Tokyo can feel like there’s too much coming at you at any given time. What makes the city’s shopping scene so exciting is the sheer amount of variety you can get there. From thrift stores to high-end luxury, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a brand that isn’t available in Tokyo’s vast shopping districts. So before you head to the major shopping hotspots in Shibuya, Ginza or Harajuku, take a look at some of our fave finds, and make a mental plan of how you want to cover them over the days you’re there. Doing so not only helps you see more shops, but it eliminates the stress of having to rush across town.

P.S Don’t forget to bring your passport with you everywhere for the 8 per cent tax refund!

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