18 Asian Bob Hairstyles That Will Inspire You To Chop It All Off

Scared of going short? These trendy and flattering bob hairstyles may just change your mind

Photo: Shiseido Professional

Bob haircuts are definitely here to stay, and not just for practical reasons. The eternally trendy hairstyle continues to be popular, and whether you have finer or thicker hair, there’s a beautiful bob hairstyle to suit you. Don’t believe us? Take it from hair expert Toshihide Mori, representative director of Japan’s Tricca Salon and an ambassador of Shiseido Professional Beauty Creative Team, who shares his advice on short hairstyles for Asian women.

“Many have the perception that it’s difficult to maintain short hair. Hence, it’s best to try out a bob cut with a trustworthy hairstylist,” suggests Toshihide, who has over 20 years’ experience in the hair industry. “I believe that the wavy bob will continue to be popular in 2019, as it gives individuality and showcases one’s natural curls, depending on their hair texture.”

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“In 2019, short masculine yet fashionable hairstyles will be in trend,” he predicts. “Over the years, there has been a rise in women attaining short and chic classy hairstyles.” Bob hairstyles help create form, and adding a fringe to it helps complement the entire look. “Having a longer fringe creates a more feminine look,” he says.

Toshihide also recommends layering your hair to suit your particular face shape. “Cutting your hair short without layers to accentuate volume will create a flat hair look which should be avoided,” he says.

Toshihide Mori and his hair creations at the Shiseido Professional Beauty Innovator Awards 2018/19 this year.

What should you do before going to the salon?

Toshihide recommends bringing along photographs of your desired looks to share with your stylist, and then hear your stylist’s recommendations for you based on them. This helps your stylist understand your intentions, so they can recommend a cut that most suits you.

How should you care for your hair right after cutting?

After your haircut session, ask your hairstylist to teach you how to care for your hair. Hair care is different depending on the person, due to factors like how damaged your hair is, the quality of your hair, he says. Toshihide recommends products leave-in treatments like the Shiseido Professional Airy Flow Refiner and the Shiseido Professional Aqua Intensive Oil Unlimited Velvet.

Without further ado, here are 18 chic bob hairstyles that you can show your stylist: