11 Nourishing Hair Masks That Will Help Save Damaged Hair

10 Best Hair Masks That Will Help Save Damaged Hair - Featured

Say you’ve gotten a beautiful haircut and colour that complements your features. Or perhaps, you’ve gotten yourself some Beyoncé-esque curls. You feel like nothing can bring you down — until it’s a few weeks later and you noticed that your beautifully groomed head of hair is…well, no longer fabulous. We’re talking dry, unruly and frizzy.

Chemical processes such as bleaching, colouring and perming, while confidence-boosting, damage the hair and lead to dull, brittle hair. And if you do heat styling with a curler or straightener, you’re further exacerbating the problem. Don’t forget, UV rays from the sun and environmental pollution around us also harms hair health.


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Fortunately, help isn’t far. Regardless of the condition of your mane, whether it has been bleached and coloured or is just frizzy and dull, read on for our picks to bring it back to its full, shining glory.

Text: Ho Guo Xiong / Additional reporting: Arissa Ha and Elizabeth Liew