Could This Chic Hair Trend Be The Secret To A Slimmer-Looking Face?

Curtain fringe, Bardot bangs, split bangs – whatever you call it, the A-listers have it. This vintage-inspired look,  which generally features middle-parted bangs that sweep past the eyebrows, is making a big comeback this year. But it’s always been a classic cut that’s worn by celebrities from Jennifer Lopez to Alexa Chung; Duchess Kate even had a go at it a couple of years ago. 

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The ideal length for face-framing curtain bangs is just touching the upper cheekbone. For those with fine hair, ask your hairdresser for layers to create more volume, and then add fullness by blowdrying with a round brush to create that curved-in effect. The best part about these bangs? You skip the entire awkward growing-out phase that plagues those with shorter cuts. 

For those with rounder or wider faces and foreheads, curtain bangs can help narrow the width of the face and balance out your features in a more flattering manner. Naturally, this means that if you have a small and narrower forehead, it’s wise to stay away from this style as it can make your features look narrower. 

Click through the gallery for the ultimate curtain fringe inspo to show your hairdresser: