9 Easy Ways You Can Update Your Hair For 2019

Every year, many women find ways to update their looks as a way to begin the new year on the right note. Whether your beauty resolution is to be conscientious with your skincare routine, be more experimental with makeup colours or to give your tired locks a new lease of life, it’s always good to adopt a “new year, new you” attitude to get yourself out of a beauty rut. And while working on your skincare and makeup routine might take more consistent effort, you can get a new ‘do in just one trip to your stylist.

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That said, unless you have 110 percent trust in your stylist, women seldom give their stylists the freedom to do absolutely anything. Perhaps you like to keep the length of your hair, or maybe your job doesn’t allow you to get experimental with colours—whatever your reservations might be, the same rules apply whenever you see your stylist. So make sure you go with visual references on the styles you like and dislike, and don’t be afraid to ask questions about maintenance. Here, 9 ways you can update your tresses come 2019: