#TBT Hair Inspiration: JLo, Chrissy Teigen And More Channel The ’80s

From Netflix’s ’80s-inspired hit of the summer Stranger Things to ’80s fashion dominating the runways, there’s no denying that the nostalgic era that gave us big perms, Pretty In Pink and arcades is back! While it may not be wise to resurrect all of the period’s hair trends (here’s looking at you, mullets), celebs like Chrissy Teigen and Blake Lively have been channeling the spirit of the time with glorious retro ringlets and crimped hair.

(And, should you decide that the ’80s revival isn’t for you, check out other celebs in this list who also got gorgeous perm transformations this year!)

Here are 18 before and after celeb perms we’ve seen this year to inspire you: