An Easy Guide To Colouring Your Hair At Home

Everything you needed to know about dyeing your hair at home for the best results

Photo: 123RF

Need to touch up your roots or refresh your hair colour but no time to squeeze in a salon appointment? You can totally colour your hair at home! It’s something women have been doing for decades (well, since the invention of box hair dye kits). What’s even better, the latest ones don’t just provide root to tip coverage, there are also variations available now to “tone” your hair colour, cut out brassiness, temporarily letting you try out pastel hair without the commitment, as well as brilliantly packaged touch-up sprays that can help mask grey roots.

But it can get messy. So to help you achieve a more fussfree hair dyeing experience (with salon-like results), we’ve rounded up 11 tricks the back of the pack won’t tell you:

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