What Thinning Hair And Other Hair Concerns Reveal About Your Health

Your pesky hair problem could reveal underlying health concerns

thinning hair

(Photo: Pixabay)

If your hair could speak, what would it say? According to experts, how your hair looks and feels often speaks volumes about your health, as problems like brittle or dry hair could be triggered by underlying health issues such as a vitamin deficiency or more serious medical concerns.

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Here are four common hair problems and what they could mean:

Problem: Weak Hair

Brittle hair is often the result of vitamin deficiencies. “A lack of vitamins A, B and C can all lead to hair that’s prone to breakage,” says dermatologist Dr Elizabeth Dawes-Higgs.

Give your mane a healthy boost by upping your intake of fruit and veggies, which are naturally rich in hair-healthy nutrients. Citrus fruits and dark leafy greens are particularly rich in vitaminc C, while broccoli and spinach are loaded with vitamins A and B.