You Can Now Look Like A Korean Star With This Chic New Perm

Ride the Korean ‘wave’ with stylist to the stars Gunhee, who spills all the secrets you need to pull off a Korean-style perm with maximum fabulousness and minimum fuss

Korean Perm Trend

It’s official, guys: We’re cruising high on the cresting currents of another Korean wave – quite literally too, seeing how we’re all about “waves” as they pertain to the world of wigs and weaves.

But what is the so-called Korean perm? Unlike the mortifying “Maggi mee” mop of yesteryear, this “cold perm” K-Beauty invention is infinitely more wearable, generally involving a comely cascade of curls tapering towards the chin for a beguiling bob-like finish. Besides, the subtly sexy twist on the traditional perm should already be familiar to K-Drama fans – it’s just the sort of “natural” look Korean screen sirens are wont to sport.

Even better, bona fide grooming guru Gunhee – for those not in the know, the mane maestro has wielded his scissors on stars the likes of Super Junior and JYJ – tells us that the soft strands of a K-Perm offers the entirely welcome beauty benefit of “contouring” your jaw for that V-shaped visage everyone and their mother’s so obsessed with these days.

In any case, the very best thing about the K-Perm is that just about any chick can rock the look. Click through the gallery slides above for all the “dye-dye” must-try tips and tricks you need to score this super stylin’ head of hair and become a pro at perming!