You Can Now Look Like A Korean Star With This Chic New Perm

Ride the Korean ‘wave’ with stylist to the stars Gunhee, who spills all the secrets you need to pull off a Korean-style perm with maximum fabulousness and minimum fuss

Korean Hairstylist Gunhee

1. What are the “mane” differences between a Korean-style perm and traditional perms?

Essentially the mane equivalent of no-makeup makeup – also another Korean beauty first, funnily enough – the K-Perm is sleek and satiny, loose and luxe; sort of like the tousled tresses of beach babes minus the crunchy sea salt texture.

Take it from Gunhee himself: “Korean perms such as L’Oreal Professionnel’s Curlia service are typically created using the cold perm technique, which is how you get the natural-looking curls you see on most female Korean celebrities. On the other hand, traditional perms tend to produce tighter curls, which may take a few weeks to loosen.” Notice how effortlessly breezy the locks above look? The flowy femininity is ultra “ulzzang” and a complete cinch to pull off, of which more later.

For now, another big bonus: A perm is fab for faking your way to a fuller head of follicles. “Korean perms give you more volume as the curls tend to be larger and bouncier,” Gunhee notes. “The current trend among Korean women is to keep their hair to a single length without too much layering, so that you can get more volume when you do a perm. This boost in volume is especially useful if you have fine or flat hair.”

Translation: Limp of lock and thin on top? A K-Perm will give you a bombshell bounce in no time at all!