Here Are The Best Online Shops For Curvy Swim And Activewear

The body inclusivity movement has been steadily picking up steam worldwide, but despite the knowledge and acknowledgement that our body types are indeed beautifully diverse, and that larger girls also deserve stylish togs, plus-size clothing that are not shapeless or all-black are still hard to find unless you know exactly where to look.

And especially if you are a curvy girl who swims or works out, we are betting there is a good chance you need a decent wardrobe of beachwear and workout gear (afterall, getting to wear cute sportswear is usually half the motivation for working out), and do not have the time to scour stores — online or offline — for flattering ones that also fit your body shape.

That is why below, we’ve rounded up some of our fave brands that sell stylish and flattering swimwear and activewear especially for you, the curvy girl, so you don’t have to waste time seeking them out yourselves.

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Text: Rachel Tan and Joy Fang


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