How To Check For Skin Cancer At Home

Considering how sunny and hot Singapore can get, it’s surprising that we don’t talk about skin cancer a lot. Fret not however, as our neighbours down under have the best advice when it comes to identifying skin cancer symptoms and prevention. 

As a nation, Australia leads the world in skin cancer rates.

Every year, more than 2000 Australians die of skin cancer. It’s a cancer that is largely preventable with rigorous checking and sensible sun protection.

“Compliance of sunscreen use and sun protection remains lower than desired,” says Dr Nicholas Stewart from The Skin Hospital. “The incidence of skin cancers, including melanomas, continues to rise every year.”

Just as concerning is the rise of vitamin D deficiencies, which experts say can be attributed to us shielding ourselves from the sun. So, here we explain how to maximise your vitamin D from safe sun exposure and identify malignant moles.

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