These Kitten Heels Under $80 Are Going To Be Your New Office BFF

Wait no more ladies, here comes kitten heels to the rescue! If there is one thing that Singapore women need, it would be comfortable, stylish work shoes. In other words, we need shoes that are able to carry us more than 12 hours a day and not leave our feet bruised and skin peeled (aka commuter-friendly heels). But, of course, we don’t want just any comfortable heels—we want fashionable heels that are a showstopping but still somehow manage to defy the notion that “beauty is pain”. Kitten heels will fix those problems for you! 

What are kitten heels? They’re basically short heels that range from around 3.5cm to 4.75cm, which is enough to give you that extra height but not enough to tire your legs out. As seen from the collections in fashion labels ranging from Dior to Zara, kitten heels have become a popular footwear that women simply cannot resist. Here, we’ve collected 5 samples that are perfect for the work ensemble. Enjoy!

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