Lippie Awards 2018: The Matte, Glossy and Creamy Lipsticks Every Woman Should Own

Matte, gloss, crayon, liquid, balm… it’s been a year of lipsticks and being the #beautyjunkies we are, we had to celebrate the past year’s best with our inaugural The Lippie Awards 2018. We consulted makeup artists and beauty insiders on their favourites – be it long-lasting to sheer tints and glossy oils, and the tribe has spoken.

Our 20 categories succinctly summarise the top 20 must-haves of the past year; and whether you’re a carefree tinted lip balm girl or appreciate the immaculate finish of a rich pigmented stain, we’ve got all you need, including the products to keep your lips in top-top condition. 

Scroll through our gallery to find out which lipsticks made it to The Lippie Awards 2018 and watch our video on the Lipstick Of The Year winner!

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