Looks For Your Life: Here Are Some Modern Ways To Wear The Cheongsam This CNY

There’s no better time to wear a cheongsam than during the Lunar New Year festivities, and while an elegantly-tailored cheongsam can transform your figure and the way you carry yourself, it sometimes bears the burden of looking too traditional and stiff. Plus, because of how lean traditional cheongsams are cut, it doesn’t leave a lot of space for the pineapple tarts and the steamboat dinners.

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Mandy likes to look trendy, and much like many young professionals her age, she wants to look her best during the Chinese New Year celebrations without looking like she borrowed from her mum. This year, Mandy wants to try and wear a cheongsam without losing her personality and sacrificing comfort. Because of this, we have hooked her up with some outfits from The Missing Piece. The Missing Piece is a local label we love, because they marry tradition with forward-thinking design. Each dress is cut to flatter the wearer’s figure and give her confidence as she wears it.

Watch this video to see how we’ve helped Mandy dress up for her Chinese New Year parties:

Videography: Angela Guo / Fashion styling: Aaron Kok, assisted by Juliet Suen / Art direction: Xu Mei Yan / Hair & Makeup: Hong Ling, using NARS / All clothes by The Missing Piece.

This post first appeared on 16th January 2019.