The Magical Colour-Changing Hair Dye You’ll Want Now

Consider us spellbound – a unique, never-before-seen hair dye debuted a few days ago at London Fashion Week, and it’s a game-changer.

Created by alchemist Lauren Bowker of London-based company The Unseen, this science-meets-magic hair dye named “Fire” changes colour based on the temperature in your immediate environment. We’ve seen this colour-changing characteristic in mood rings before, but it’s now been taken to whole new dimension with hair!

See “Fire” in glorious motion below:

The mesmerising, revolutionary technology is available in multiple shades ranging from bright red to subtle pastels, and is semi-permanent, lasting over a few washes. But if you’re tempted to search for it in the market, it’s (sadly) not publicly available yet as the company says they’re still trying to find commercial partners. 

Here’s another look:

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While we all wait in anticipation, here are 10 fiery shades to inspire you to try a new colour: