5 Korean Beauty Trends To Try in 2017

From black highlighter to marble nails, here's how to get the latest Korean looks


Korean Beauty Trends to Try in 2017

Marbling isn’t just for tabletops anymore

These days, the marble design seems to be on everything – clothes, accessories and even furniture.

So, why not apply it to your nails? South Korean YouTuber Yeoni is known for her intricate and cute nail art, and demonstrates how to create hot pink marble nails.

The first step to applying every nail polish is to line the nails with a layer of base coat.

Yeoni then applies a layer of hot pink polish, and lightly draws some jagged lines with dark red polish, followed by red underneath.

Using a sponge, she dabs the colours all over the nail to give the marble effect, and finishes it off with a top coat.

Get the tutorial here.