Easy Ways To Create The Korean Smokey Eyeliner Look

Smokey eyes are great for achieving a sexy evening look, but when translating it for wear during the day, turn to the equally sultry but understated Korean smokey eyeliner instead.

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Sick of the same old, same old? Makeover your makeup by prettifying your peepers with a party-ready pastel hue, which for my money is such a fun, flirty and feminine way of “zhnging up” your repertoire without veering into tacky territory. Badger brushes at the ready? Here’s how:

First, assemble your apparatus. The star of the show? A creamy water-resistant pencil is a prerequisite for this purpose, because you really don’t want to be tugging unnecessarily at your delicate orbital area.

1. On to application proper. Run the tip of your eyeliner pencil in the colour of your choice across your lids, keeping it very close to your upper lash line. Drag the line out into a modest tadpole-shaped tick, but make it subtle, please. Unless you’re a burlesque performer, resist the temptation to extend it into a full-blown cat eye. Restraint, darlings.